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Defenders Agency


Eddy White is an histrionic MIB (Man in Black) who works in CIA, with the dream to create a new team of superheroes, able to compete and surpass those already existing. So, accompanied by inseparable secretary factotum Sophie Pembroke, from USA comes to Europe where he founds an “agency of superheroes” called DEFENDERS AGENCY, and begins to recruit people with strange and bizarre powers, for-ming the first nucleus of superhero team of his dreams. They are 8 members: El Loco (from Spain), The Lord (from England), Capitan Nova (from Italy), Matrioska (from Russia), Grillon (from France), Comandante Italia (from Italy), Russian Wolf (from Russia) and Wotan (from Germany).A new kind of incredible, crazy and absolutly unconventional superheroes is coming... are you ready for them?


Boys - 7/15 years

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